Venus was another difficult to place shelter ferret with a background of abuse and neglect. Venus reminds Leonard of Felony, whom he still misses a lot, and so she was singled out for special attention. It was inevitable that Venus became a pet, even though she only gets along with a handful of our other pets (Freya, Snickers, Bear and Hogan). Venus loves to go on walks, and manages to get outside on the leash about once a day, where she happily trots about the house, or on her more adventerous days, the neighborhood.

Venus has developed an amazing personality, and we allow her upstairs where she loves to climb into bed with us, clean our faces, bite our ears, and settle down to sleep between our legs (no, we don't let her spend the night). Venus has an uncanny sense of when you aren't feeling well, and lavishes her attention upon you during these times. In January 2002 Leonard was extremely ill and unable to walk for several days -- during this time Venus could always be found with him: curled up on his chest or in his robe.

It's summer of 2002, and Venus continues to be as sweet as any animal we've ever known, and she loves to go our for walks, especially when the weather is nice.

I have lost my best friend, and I am still mourning her passing. We tragically lost Venus in early November of 2002. Venus was showing signs of insulinoma, so she went in for surgery. As it turned out she had additional health issues that complicated her situation, but she was also left alone at the vet over night after the surgery when things began to go seriously wrong with her. She was found in a coma the next morning by the staff. We will NEVER leave another pet at the vet overnight again.

Little Venus clung to life for a few days longer, but her spirit had already passed away, and so we let her go and she slipped out of our lives, but never out of our memories. It's nearly June of 2003, and I still miss Venus. I want her to be with us, going out on walks around the neighborhood, or coming into the office with me. It is so lonely and depressing without her.

It is June of 2006, and I am updating the pet web pages for the first time since Venus died. I still remember this little girl with great fondness, and joy. We've had three single girls since ferrets joined our lives: Felony, Venus, and Neve', and while I loved them all dearly, and miss them still, it is Venus with whom I shared a special bond, and whom I miss the most of all the ferrets we have lost.

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