We were working at a local shelter (OFS) in early 1995 when Elayne first met Tris, and fell in love at first sight. We took Tris home that very day and after an introductory period she got along well with Mithril and okay with Raven, so into their cage she went. Tris was a chuckler and a kisser. She always chuckled no matter what she was doing, and she kissed more than any other animal we ever had. She was a chocolate point Siamese and a very particular girl who must have things in the house her way (much like Moki). We always imagined that her chuckles were a repeated mantra, "I'm number one. I'm number one." This attitude earned her the title of "Prissy Trissy", a name that made her tail bristle whenever she heard it.

Just weeks after Tris became a member of our family a new kid on the block appeared. Ariel was a cute little albino with whom Tris immediately fell in love. Tris and Ariel were like sisters and would romp about the house together, seeking adventure.

Tris became quite ill one fall and nearly died. Once again Elayne's constant ministrations pulled a sick weasel from death's door, and Tris recovered. After she lost Ariel, Tris became a more quiet and contemplative ferret who would rather wander about the house and stash her favorite toys in secret places.

Tris now lives quietly with Mithril, and gets out more often than most other ferrets in the house (mostly because of Mithril's insistence on being out at all times). Tris has had adrenal surgery in the past, and doesn't play much, but she's still very affectionate and loves to stash her favorite toy, the plastic dumbbell in places she thinks are quite safe from the other ferrets, but really aren't. You go Tris!

Over the summer of 1999 Tris picked up a breathing condition that has has her vet puzzled, and she also shows signs of continued adrenal problems so she is now on Lupron. Tris is still a sweet heart and enjoys stashing her dumbell and getting attention (and Cheweasles!).

In December of 1999 we took Tris in for a special surgery to see what was wrong with her breathing. Tris's heart stopped just after surgery, and our sweet little Prissy Trissy passed away from us and Mithril. Tris was too damn young to die, and we miss her little dominearing presence around our home.

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