Tiffany was more to us than just another furry face -- we took her into our home as a foster ferret, but she became one of the family. Tiffany loved getting out for walks and hand wrestling with her people, and she had enough attitude for any five normal ferrets. We lost our dear little Tiffy quite unexpectedly near the end of May of 2002. Her activity level and appetite had dropped suddenly, and a trip to the vet resulted in blood tests that indicated lymphoma. Less than two weeks later our little sweetheart was gone. While the loss of any of our pets is hard, losing a loner, like Tiffany, who needed us the most and gave us the most back in return has been almost unbearable. We still expect Tiffany to be ready to come out to play after our other pets have gone back to sleep, we catch ourselves making up her medications in the evening, and we still can't believe our Tiffer Toes has left us.

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