Shortly after I brought Kiva home I discovered a local shelter (OFS), and after a visit, I came home with a long time resident who was in need of a good home. Tegan looked very much like Kiva, only with a wider head and more slender body. We left for a 2 week vacation a month later and when we returned we found that Tegan had changed color: she went from dark grey and silver markings to completely white with a silver tipped tail. Tegan was a fussy girl, but loved to play with Kiva and Bongo. Tegan was relatively old when we brought her into our home, but she still got wound up and had the most energetic war dance of any of our ferrets, which is how we remember her still.

Tegan had surgery in mid summer ('97) to remove a tooth, remove insulinma tumors, and remove a tumor from her tail. Tegan never fully regained her health from the surgery, and although she still liked to tag along with her cage mates at playtime, she seldom war danced or participated in the rowdy play.

Tegan died on October 25th, 1997 from respiratory failure. She was our first lost from our original group of ferrets, and we'll remember our fussy girl.

Good Feeling
Gordon Gano
Good feeling won't you stay with me,
Just a little longer.
It always seams like you're leaving when I need you here,
Just a little longer.
Dear Lady, there are so many things I have come to fear,
A little voice says I'm going crazy when I see all of my world disappear
A vague sketch of a fantasy, laughing at the sunrise like she's been up all night...

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