In early 1997 Snickers was found as a stray in Washington and brought to the OFS. At the shelter, other volunteers had trouble with Snickers biting them, but for whatever reason she never bit me (she gave me kisses). One day Chris, the person who ran the shelter said "Take your ferret home," and so that's how Snickers came to be ours. When Snickers first arrived she was a talker, and it took very little effort to make her break out into a wild weasel war dance. At first she hung out with Opie and Hogan, while Tris looked on with hatred from afar, but she did not like Annabelle. After several months of sharing a cage (during which time Tris and Mithril moved out and into their own cage), Snickers took a liking to Anna -- a liking that quickly turned into one of the great friendships of all times.

Snickers still loves to play with wild abandon, and seeks out the younger and more active ferrets when they come into the house. Snickers is still recovering from the loss of her dear friend, Annabelle, and she still wanders about the house looking for her long time playmate and companion. Snickers is our only albino now, and she still appears to be in good health with that great chunky feeling an active ferret has.

Snickers is still doing well in the fall of 1999, although it takes more effort on our part (and the part of her cage mates) to get her to play since Annabelle passed away. Snickers appears to be in good health, and loves to go on walks in the park.

Snickers activity level has decreased gradually over time, and it now takes a great deal of effort to get her to play. Here in the summer of 2000 Snickers is on medication for inflametory bowel disease, but other than this, she appears to be doing fine.

In February of 2001 Snickers went in for adrenal and insulinoma surgery and is on the road to recovery. Snickers' energy level is still quite low, and Pepper sometimes tries to pick on her, but she still is up for Cheerios or stashing a sock or extra cuddle time when she wakes up.

Snickers has become the old lady of our main ferret group, and she's our sole surviving member of the OFS crew in the summer of 2002. She has a very thin coat, but still eats well and has a good weight. Snickers usually only wakes up for a short while in the mornings and evenings when she wanders into the downstairs shower, which we always make sure has been left to trickle for her, to drink, and then makes a quick circuit around the house before returning to the cage or some other snug place to snooze.

Snickers left us in October of 2002. Her health had been in rapid decline, and she spent almost all of her time sleeping, but she was still our dear and sweet old girl, and even looking back now, from June of 2006 our fond memories of Snickers can still bring smiles to our faces.

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