Raven & Mithril

Raven and Mithril arrived came to our home from the OFS together at the end of 1994. Raven was a large very dark sable who was very gentle and loved human attention, but she was terrified of most other ferrets. Mithril was a stunning silver who was neither gentle nor affectionate, but loved Raven dearly and would protect her from any would be attackers. Originally these two girls lived in a cage to themselves, but we had hopes of integrating them with our original group of ferrets. Moki and Bongo both proved to be resistant to this idea and so Mithril and Raven formed the core of our second ferret group (ferret math had struck again). This core group would eventually grow to include Tris, Ariel and Opie.

Raven had various health problems including an enlarged spleen and inflammatory bowel disease which limited her activity, but not her heart. Raven loved people, loved to be around people, loved to sleep near people, and loved to seek out people (and sometimes beg for treats from people too). Raven's favorite place to sleep was draped across the legs of a stuffed bunny rabbit.

Eventually Raven's health problems worsened, and on May 8th 1997, just after she came home from an endoscopic exam and surgery to correct a rip in her intestines she collapsed.. We rushed her to the emergency clinic, but our darling Raven had already passed on.

With the wings of sorrow, I have taken flight
Cloaked in the darkness like a thief in the night...
From Raven In The Snow by Bill Miller & John Flanagan.

Mithril was now without her lifelong companion and best friend, and she appeared to suffer for it. Her mood became more sullen and she became very antagonistic towards human feet. She still had Opie, Ariel and especially Tris, but they were very young and energetic, and Mithril was seldom in the mood for romping about with gusto.

Time passed and Mithril also lost Ariel. She and Tris moved into their own cage and would visit Opie at playtime (Opie now lived with other young and active ferrets who proved too much for Mithril). Mithril had adrenal surgery not too long after being isolated with Tris. Tris helped Mithril recover from the surgery, and Mithril, who was now blind with cataracts and partially deaf, kept on going.

She and Tris are very dear to one another, and now that Tris has gotten older and had insulinoma surgery Mithril helps look after Tris too. Mithril likes to be out of her cage as much as possible, and lets us know of her displeasure if she's her whims are denied, but this old grumpy girl is dear to us, and we're delighted that she is still with us.

Here it is near the end of 1999 and Mithril is still going on and on, while her friends and house mates begin to suffer age related health problems. Mithril is a pillar of strength for us during this stressful time.

All good things come to an end, and Mithril, our brave hearted old girl, finally succumbed to a number of illnesses early in 2000, and we let her go just two weeks after Opie passed away.

Mithril was our fourth ferret loss in just over two months (beginning with Felony over Thanksgiving), and we know it would have been an unbearable burden but for the support of our surviving pets: Bongo, Hogan, Snickers, Freya, Kyra and Thistle.

We've purchased a new house for both us and the CFN central facility, and when we finally leave our old house in November of 2000, we'll leave behind the echoes of joy from all of the ferrets who have passed through the doors, both to those who remained as pets, and those who passed through to find new homes.

We are at our new house and we've taken the ashes of all of our ferrets who died after Tegan with us. Ruby, Ariel, Raven and Tegan were burried at our old house, each beneath an individual tree or bush, and we took cuttings from each of these plants and brought them to the new house, where they are with the rest of our ferret family.

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