As part of the move over to our new house, Bear and Chantilly transitioned from shelter ferrets to pets because they were living with our large pet group. Likewise Pepper and Kashmir also became pets soon after the move because of their unique status (older ferrets whom nobody wanted) and because they got along great with our pets.

Elayne is the apple of Pepper's eye, and he lavishes her with kisses and affectionate behavior. Pepper absolutely detests Leonard and will frequently stalk and bite him. Pepper recently underwent adrenal surgery, and his new coat is a thing of beauty, but he still bites Leonard whenever possible.

Pepper is still his honery self in the summer of 2002, and he still doesn't like Leonard although Pepper doesn't bite him as often. Pepper suffers from IBD, but that doesn't prevent him from trying to become the next alpha ferret in our main cage group -- Bear doesn't let this happen, much to Pepper's everlasting frustration.

It's late spring of 2003 and Pepper still suffers from adrenal symptoms and IBD. Pep gets a lupron shot every month for the adrenal disease and daily meds for the IBD. He's still an active boy, but is becoming more aggressive towards the other ferrets in his cage (more in an annoying way than viscious).

We lost Pepper in the summer of 2003, after a prolonged decline in health. To the end of his days Pepper adored Elayne, and was with her that he remained until he died.

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