What is it about ferrets that endear them to us above all other companion animals we have ever had? Perhaps it is their high intellect (they are considered on par with parrots and small primates) or all consuming curiosity? Is it their wild antics and playful nature that work their magic on us? Perhaps its some combination of these traits that appeal to us so, but more than anything it's the indomitable spirit of these adoring and personable creatures that has captured our hearts.

Moki was our first ferret and she came home with me from a local pet store as a kit in 1992. She was a very shrewd ferret who was used to getting her way (with people, the cats, the parrots and the other ferrets), and would throw temper tantrums if events did not meet with her approval. It was Moki who convinced Elayne that ferrets were great pets and companions.

Moki did well with her first two cage mates, Binky (especially Binky!) and Kiva, but took longer to adjust to Tegan, and never quite accepted Bongo as part of her family. Moki was the queen of our house for several years, until age slowed her down and additional ferrets in other groups taxed even her ability to govern all with an iron paw.

Moki was diagnosed with insulinoma at the end of February, 1997. She went through surgery on March 10th, when two tumors were removed, and after a long convalescence, in which Binky played a major part, she fully recovered and became her usual active, spunky, sassy self for another year and a half.

At seven years of age lymphoma caught up with Moki. As all of her dear friends passed away before her Moki became less and less active. Bongo still remained, but Moki and he never really got along well and we could tell she was feeling lonely as well as unwell. Moki passed into a semi coma in mid January of 1999 and we let her physically slip out of our lives, but we will always remember our first ferret... our special little girl.

Full Circle
A ball of white fluff, a source of joy,
a friend to those she's met.
A fiery spirit, an understanding confidant,
a willing partner in crime.
An active body, a sharp mind,
a gentle soul we'll not forget.
Our inspiration, our first child,
our lovely lady who has left us behind.
From the very beginning and from now on,
All that has come before,
and all that has come after
Began with Moki.

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