Kashmir was a sweet and fiesty shelter ferret who came in with her friend Marakesh. Marakesh hated other ferrets, and so the pair was difficult to place. The girls were settling in to their wonderful foster home when Marakesh tragically died from an intestinal blockage. Kashmir came back to the shelter, and so we put her out to play with our pets to see how she got along with other ferrets. The result is obvious.

Kashmir is a joy to be around: this spunky and affectionate girl loves to be around people and plays great with her cage mates. Of the four "move" ferrets to become our pets (Bear, Chantilly, Pepper and Kashmir), Kashmir is the easiest to have around.

Kashmir has had a few health issues, mainly with infections, but with a little TLC and antibiotics she's always bounced back quickly. Bounce is the perfect word for Kashmir, because this little silver beauty loves to bounce about the house, play with everyone, and get into as much trouble as possible. For summer 2002 Kashmir has developed a great love for walks, and is always begging to go outside.

Alas, but in the fall of 2002 we lost Kashmir, rather quickly, to lymphoma. We miss Kashmir, and her cage mates miss her. It's just not the same happy place without her inquisitve nose poking into places it didn't belong.

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