Like Annabelle, Hogan was at the shelter (he was actually used as a breeder and not a shelter ferret) for some two years, and was always a popular ferret with the weekly cleaning staff because he was so friendly, and so clean. We brought Hogan home shortly after Anna to see if he'd get along well with her and Opie, which he did beyond our wildest expectations. Even Tris would curl up with him to sleep, although she still let us know that this one had better be the last ferret to be added to her group. We used to wonder if Hogan ever slept: he was always about and active when out of the cage, and always waiting at the cage door to come out when we would walk by the cage (even at 2 am!). Opie idolized Hogan, and followed him around the house, imitating his every action - fortunately Hogan didn't have too many bad habits for Opie to follow. Like Opie, Hogan was a water ferret, and would jump into the shower with you. Hogan did have one nasty habit that Opie never picked up on: he liked to suck Annabelle's ears (and later Snickers' too). For a long time Hogan rivaled Bongo for the largest ferret of the house spot, but Bongo managed to put on a few hundred grams of winter weight that he never shed, thus permanently eclipsing Hogan's weight.

Hogan was hit hard by a virus in 1998, and while he has recovered from the illness, he doesn't have them same high level of energy from his youth. Hogan is now more selective in whom he tolerates, and acts aggressive towards some new ferrets. Hogan is still a great friend and companion to his group of ferrets and to us. He loves to be with Bongo, and he makes fast friends with a number of other ferrets that pass through our house, despite his aggressive tendencies towards some.

Hogan is still doing well in the summer of 2000, although he's not as active as he once was, expecially since we lost his very best friend, Opie, at the beggining of the year. Hogan pulls double duty, playing with Bongo and our other group of pets.

In early 2001 we noticed a bump on Hogan's chest that was quickly becoming larger. The lump was surgically removed and turned out to be bone cancer. Hogan is also beginning to show signs of insulinomas, and so he's on medications and supplemental feedings along with Bongo. Hogan isn't as active as a year ago, but he does get out with his regular play group and Bongo, so he's stretched a bit thin ;-).

In mid May of 2001 Hogan lost his best friend, Bongo. Hogan now lives exculsively with the big group, where he is much loved and fussed over by his cage mates and us.

Hogan! In February of 2002 Hogan's health, which was slowly declining, crashed. He had surgery to remove an eye that had bulged out from lymphoma, and he was having blood sugar levels. Our poor boy was a trooper, and we continued to help him out with lots of holding and soup, but he had too many health issues to overcome. Hogan crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in February. He was such a good ferret, and was the alpha ferret of our household for so long that it just doesn't seem right without him.

There is a void in the main cage, and while Bear could easily become the alpha ferret, he isn't inclined to take on that role, but at the same time he refuses to allow Pepper to take Hogan's old position of lead ferret. We all miss you, Hogan.

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