Chantilly is a tiny girl who came from a horrid, abusive past. When Chantilly and her sister, Chantrelle, arrived at the shelter they were living in a bare cage with no food and a 3 inch layer of ferret shit on the cage floor. Both girls were covered with fleas and screamed and bit any time we attempted to handle them. We removed the fleas from the girls and bathed them, then put them in a clean cage with bedding, water and food. We considered taking Chantilly to the emergency vet, because we were worried she wouldn't survive the night. Over the next few weeks, Chantrelle recovered quickly and found a home with a first time ferret owner. Chantilly remained small, even though she put on weight, and her face is larger on one side than the other. Chantilly also bites frequently and hard, which kept her in the shelter for over a year with no prospects for a home of her own.

We put Chantilly in with the Hogan group, where she has thrived, and although she still bites, she has calmed down a great deal and adores Leonard. She officially became our pet when we moved into the new house at the end of November, 2000.

Chantilly's behavior is similar to the character Timmy from South Park (who's name is pronounced Timmay!), and so we frequently pronounce Chantilly as Chantillay!

Chantilly is still a scrawny, timid, easily spooked little girl in March of 2001, but she gets along great with her cage mates, and still likes Leonard as much as she likes anything.

Summer of 2002 finds Chantilly still tiny and skittish, but she is calming down ever so slowly. Leonard can now trust her to kiss his face, and she manages short walks on a leash outside without freaking out too badly. Chantilly loves to play with the other ferrets, especially Bear, and her playful antics make us smile.

Chantilly is one of our most active and healthy pet ferrets in May 2003. She's a great little girl, although she still bites a lot. She loves to take cereal from our bowls in the morning, and stash anything she steals but doesn't really want in the ferret room. Chantilly's favorite toy is a plastic dumb-bell with jingle bells in it, which she insists must remain stashed on the second level of the cage behind the tube that leads up to the third level, and she gets very upset when she finds that we've moved it elsewhere.

Mid June, 2006. Over three years have passed since our last pet pages update, and in that time we have seen our beloved pets come and go. Of all the ferrets with us in May of 2003 (Thistle, Bear, Chantilly, Freya, Snickers, Pepper, Venus and Neve'), only Chantilly is still with us, although she has friends who have joined our family since: Hermione (now also old), Tuscon (gone), Pluto and Kitkat (CFN fosters who have sinced passed on), Willow (another CFN foster who is still with us, but quite old), Hufflepuff, Takoda, Annie, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli (the last four are CFN fosters as well).

Chantilly is quite frail and not likely to be with us much longer, but she still is a dear girl, even though she mostly wakes up for soup (and she's showing less and less interest in eating these days) and her Cheweasels. Chantilly still loves boys, but mostly to sleep with because they provide plenty of warmth.

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