Bear, aka "Dances with Feet", is a delightfully sweet boy who, unfortunately, bites people very hard. Very very hard. This has made it difficult to find a good home for Bear. Bear found a foster home where he thrived with other ferret buddies (and young children, believe it or not) for over a year, but he eventually came back to the CFN central facility (our house), where we put him in with the Hogan group, with whom he gets along famously. Bear idolizes Hogan, and follows him about the house, trying to get Hogan to play with him -- we also find Bear sleeping with Hogan. When we moved to our new house in November 2000, Bear naturally migrated from a visiting shelter ferret to a pet.

It's late summer of 2002 and Bear is still a happy, hissy boy. He's had an add fungal growth on the top of his tail that we're dealing with, but he's calmed down a great deal and now seldome bites hard enough to break the skin. He loves to play chase with you, and to hiss as he hides under furniture, waiting for the perfect moment to dart out in front of you so you can chase him. Bear and Chantilly are an item and play like crazy together, despite the extreme difference in their sizes.

Bear developed an infection on his tail that caused it to be covered with open sores. We tried different medications and antibiotics for months, but when the condition didn't clear, we had his tail removed in May of 2003. He now ressembles his nick name of "Bear Butt Boy" more closely than before. Bear is still a very big, happy hissy boy who gets along great with all of his cage mates.

It is June of 2006, and it is hard to believe that over three years have gone by since we've updated our pets' pages. Bear is no longer with us: he died at the beginning of the summer of 2005, and it was exceptionally hard to watch this once proud, ruff and ready tumble guy slow down with age and disease. We definitely remember him in his prime, dancing with his idol Hogan, and playing with Chantilly.

Of all the ferrets with us the last time these pages were updated (Thistle, Bear, Chantilly, Freya, Snickers, Pepper, Venus and Neve'), only Chantilly is still with us, and she is about 9 years old now, and quite feeble.

I need to create sketches and pages for the following pets, who have graced us with their presence, but do not yet have their own entries:

Neve' (RIP)
Tuscon (RIP, 2005)
Lupin (RIP, 2006)
Hufflepuff (Huffy)
Nearly another 5 years have gone by. It is now the end of January 2011, and it has been a busy time for us and with our ferrets. These pages still languish, but I will come back and add entries for each of our beloved pets. In the meantime, Bear's page will continue to serve as the holding place for those we still have and those we've lost. Of the ferrets we had the last time I updated this list (Takoda, Huffy, Chantilly, Hermionie, Hillary, Boomer and Mindy) only Takoda remains. Here then is an updated roster, starting from when the previous list was made.
Boomer (died in mid 2006)
Hillary (Hill'o beans died in 2007)
Chantilly (died in 2007 -- another painful loss)
Hermione (died in mid 2007)
Mathilde (died in 2008)
Mindy (died in 2008)
Hufflepuff (Huffy died on August 30, 2010)
Timber (died on November 17, 2010)
Takoda: older, but still playful
McLovin: former CFN ferret, and all around sweetie
Star: another girl with attitude -- a lot like Boomer
Badger: the only ferret we've ever had that likes to be held

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