I live with my wife, Elayne, in our home in central Oregon, from where we enjoy travel, hiking, backpacking, horse back riding (English and endurance) and scuba diving.

I am a black belt (2nd Dan) at Bettencourt's Taekwon-Do America.

You can reach me via email at leonard@whiteweasel.net.

I have a BS in Geology from Memphis State University, and have worked as a software engineer since 1979. I've spent much of my career working in the UNIX kernel on a variety of architectures ranging from PCs and workstations to massively parallel supercomputers. In April of 1998 I came to Oracle Corporation.

I play Pathfinder with friends on a monthly basis (we are currently in the Jade Regent campaign), although I have played other RPGs over the years, and even ran a Call of Cthulhu campaign many years ago.

If you're a U.S. citizen, then you really should read the Constitution, an inspiring document which the religious right and corporate America have been subverting with an alarming frequency.