Call of Cthulhu

Welcome to the small corner of my mind that still possesses some small shred of sanity. As you can see from our journal entries below, we've been quite busy meddling in affairs best left alone, prying open doors best left closed, and turning over stones best left undisturbed. Ah yes, we have paid somewhat dearly for our transgressions, but we have gained... ah, well now, you shall see what we have gained in time.

Now move your chair closer to the fire, pour yourself another glass of port and browse through our delightful tales of woe and doom. Don't mind me, I have a few... relations in the other room I must tend to. I'll be back soon enough to let you out, and please pay no heed to the screams, unless of course they're your own!

Oh yes, before I leave I should warn you that some the images on these pages are protected by the good folks at Chaosium, Inc., and I'm sure they'll do dire things to you if you take copies with you if... when you leave. If you are feeling particularly brave or foolhardy, I recommend a trip to the HP Lovecraft Archive to find out about the man and his fantastic macabre tales.

Our gaming group meets on an irregular basis to play, eat, drink and be merry. Originally we started playing RPG sessions back in 1991 using CHILL (I'm fond of horror), but beginning with Horror on the Orient Express in 1993, we moved over to primarily Call of Cthulhu. I run the games, and write a journal entry afterwards (based upon my notes and the notes of the players), which serves to remind us all what has gone on before.

We seldom let complex, difficult or tiresome aspects and details of all the rules get in the way of our enjoyment of the game (in other words, I wing it as keeper from time to time), and this may be reflected in the journals.

I write the journals based upon my notes from the gaming sessions and notes from the players, who prefer to leave their gaming supplies with me. Typically I'll pick an NPC or player and present the journal from their point of view to add flavor to the story.

Last year we completed a set of scenarios in New Orleans, plus a side trip to India, the conclusions of which I'll post soon.

Our previous game was the Curse of Cthulhu, (renamed from Fungi from Yoggoth) module.

Our first COC encounter was the Horror on the Orient Express module, although you may recognize the prologue as a scenario presented in the Call of Cthulhu game book.

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